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Cookies Policy

Down below we provide information about our cookies policy to our users.

What is a cookie?

A cookie is a file that the website stores in your browser in order to improve the user’s experience. They are needed to provide features to a web that provides interactive services.

Types of cookies

  • Own or third-party cookies: the own cookies are sent to the user’s device and installed and/or managed by ourselves as website owners. On the other hand, third-party cookies are sent to the user’s device and are managed and/or installed by a third party.
  • Session or persistent cookies: session cookies are those that keep installed in the user’s device until the web browser is closed. On the other hand, persistent cookies will be stored in the user’s device and will remain valid until its set expiry date.


Purposes of the cookies

  • Technical cookies: they allow the user to browse the website using all the services and features we offer.
  • Analysis cookies: these cookies allow us to perform tracking and analysis of users’ behaviour on our website.
  • Advertising cookies: they are used to manage advertising spaces on our website.
  • Behavioural advertising cookies: they allow us to store information about the user’s behaviour through their surfing habits so that we can subsequently manage the advertising spaces in the most efficient way.
  • Personalization cookies: they allow the user to access our website’s features, customizing some pre-set aspects depending on the user’s preferences.
  • Social network cookies: They are used so that the user can interact with social networks and our website, such as sharing a post in their social network or “like” our website.


Which cookies do we use?

Company Name of the cookie Purpose and duration
Google Inc. __utma





It allows the browsing measure and analysis on the websites. Google Analytics service.


__utma cookie expires after 40 seconds.

__utmb cookie expires after 30 seconds.

__utmc cookie expires when closing the browser.

__utmt cookie expires after 10 minutes.

__utmz cookie expires after 6 months.


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How to disable or delete cookies?

Users can disable or delete at any time the abovementioned cookies in the browser’s setting options of the device. Users must have in mind that, if they reject or delete the browsing cookies for the website, we will not be able to keep their preferences and some features will no longer be available, so we will not be able to offer customized services and we will have to ask them to accept the cookies policy every time they use our website.

Some links in which the user will find information about how to turn on preferences in the main browsers are listed below:


More information

If you have any further question about how we use the cookies that it is not answered in this Cookies Policy, please send us your comments to this e-mail address

If you need more information about the use of cookies on websites, you can consult the Spanish Act 34/2002, of July 11th, on information society services and E-commerce and the Guide on the Use of Cookies, published by Spanish Data Protection Agency.