The Market



The Mercado de San Miguel is an historic and monumental market infused with literary retrospect located in the heart of Madrid’s old quarter, an area with genuine personality and endless shopping, cultural and entertainment options. They are now writing a new page in their history with the aim of convening the finest shopkeepers, professionals, experts and enthusiasts in their respective specialities.

Their offer justifies a trip to the centre of Madrid, while still maintaining the vocation of the traditional market centred around the daily shopping. It is an offer of quality, freshness and seasonal products created in response to the recently growing interest in Gastronomy that has now become a cultural phenomenon.

The Mercado de San Miguel aims to become a Centre for Culinary Culture, where the product is the key, together with the active presence of food- and gastronomy-related functions and events. A meeting place for the consumer and the professional, the gourmand, and those seeking information and counsel. A place where we can continue to do our daily shopping, as well as participate in activities, sample the products we are taking home with us, or simply drop in for a drink and a bite to eat. A traditional market with all of the current-day advantages.


To be a community of entrepreneurs. Each should be an expert in their field and enthusiastic about their product.
To be a wellspring of fresh products, where the product is the centre of attention, not the chef.
To bring back the seasonality of market produce and restore the concept of “to every thing there is a season”.
To be a large-scale corner store with tastings, i.e. informal fare.
To offer a timetable that suits the needs and activities of consumers – in other words, extended opening hours.
To work with the human, technical and industrial resources necessary for sensory evaluation, tastings and gastronomical challenges.
To emphasize both consumer information and consumer training.
To reflect the gastronomical plurality of Spain.
To be a constant of gastronomical culture through workshops, presentations, food fairs, etc.
To become part of the cultural offering of Madrid, with an area for conferences, recitals, concerts, etc.

The Building

The Mercado de San Miguel is the last remaining iron market hall in Madrid, after the demolition of the original buildings of the Mercado de la Cebada and the Mercado de Los Mostenses. It is considered a Site of Cultural Interest in the Monument category. It is located in the Plaza de San Miguel, and faces both the Plaza del Conde de Miranda and the Cava de San Miguel. Construction of the market, under the supervision of Alfonso Dubé y Díez, concluded in 1916.

It was originally installed as an outdoor market, but in 1835 plans were drawn up by Joaquín Henri to cover it. The only part of the project that was executed were the façades, which eliminated the troublesome coffer walls that burdened the square. In 1911 the finally project was awarded to Alfonso Dubé.

It consists of a ground level floor with cast iron pillars and a basement for storage.